Intellectual Property Management

GCU seeks to be an “Industry Friendly” collaboration partner.  President Brian Mueller has stated that negotiations of Intellectual Property (IP) agreements will not inhibit GCU’s collaboration with industry partners on research contracts or student capstone projects. IP agreements have traditionally been a major stumbling block to industry-university collaborations for many schools. GCU’s top priority is our students and their success and not deriving a revenue stream from IP generated at the university. Thus, GCU’s contracts with industry will contain IP clauses that encourage collaboration and the greatest opportunities for our students. GCU will license or transfer generated IP with zero royalty rates for initial sales to encourage the commercialization of novel ideas and with very modest wind-fall provisions to protect the long-term interests of students and faculty.

Document Links for the Management of GCU Ito Form Intellectual Property:

GCU Intellectual Property Policy

Confidential Disclosure Agreement

Materials Transfer Agreement  

Student IP Assignment 

GCU Invention Disclosure Form 

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