Foundation Grants

GCU seeks grantmaking for higher education that invests in classroom learning, curriculum, infrastructure, or student and faculty support. Our grant opportunities are also appropriate for specialized programming that partners the university with initiatives benefiting local communities and their need for socio-economic empowerment, educational access, equity and inclusion, and reversal of disenfranchisement.  

Our strategic goals are embodied in our well-researched initiatives that carefully measure success as a byproduct of   quantitative change. Our needs are not focused on establishing a body of knowledge or fact-finding, but rather look for innovation that begins at the local level where the need is well understood and will be supported by grassroots community and university involvement long after the initial grant money has been spent. 

Our funded programs are outward facing, as attuned to the future needs of an agile workforce across industries and specializations as they are to the post-graduate success of our students. 

We are committed to, and have been successful at, supporting the low-income neighborhood that surrounds our campus while concurrently creating opportunity for our diverse student body.

Since becoming a nonprofit in July 2018, GCU has been awarded several large grants for bio-engineering, cybersecurity, theology, and K-12 student outreach. 

For GCU Staff: Grant Development Resources

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